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haskell breakpoint debugging

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space junk

CUTE-1 (CO-55)
1 27844U 03031E 18290.94217942 .00000059 00000-0 46114-4 0 9994
2 27844 98.6878 297.7915 0010191 22.6288 337.5337 14.22138667793609
1 27848U 03031J 18290.93580228 .00000044 00000-0 39982-4 0 9996

haskell terminology


also discuss Int, Integer and Integral.

Haskell on Raspberry Pi

here for ARMv7 stack
when installed :
stack new myproject
stack build

GHC is required and notes about this will be added soon.

Haskell graphics vectors program

Sample output for proof

Sample output for proof
Uses : import Graphics.Gloss

svg haskell graphics circles

output from Haskell code

Experimenting with Haskell and discovered someone else's program to generate svg output. The original interest was with the circles.

convert from svg to png here

Games in Haskell

Inspired by the Elm language and written in Haskell so Helm.
the SDL graphics part
stack install
if the build fails due to missing SDL you could get libsdl2-gfx-1.0.0 from Synaptic package managerbut that version is old so better to get the latest stable version and build it yourself:

Linux note:
get SDL version 2.0.8 (stable) source code from here

bananas, lenses, envelopes and barbed wire

demo RESTful


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