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Talk on Open Source compilation and upload of C code to STM8 devices


sudo apt-get install libudev-dev libsystemd-dev

cc -g -O0 --std=gnu99 --pedantic `pkg-config --cflags libusb-1.0` stlink.o stlinkv2.o espstlink.o main.o byte_utils.o ihex.o srec.o stm8.o `pkg-config --libs libusb-1.0` -o stm8flash

Note, in above,

pkg-config --cflags libusb-1.0



The following is the command that made stm8flash to work:

sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0

stm8 you tube

Shift Register Demo Board

This is a story about creating a demo board for working with shift registers.

  1. first create the circuit board
  2. demo on Arduino platform as a single, 8 bit shift register
  3. expand demo board to use multiple SR, iterative with software development
  4. when hardware is operational port the software to STM8 platform and Cypress board

Notes about creating the circuit board for the shift reg (demo)

STM8 projects ( also stm32 )

Some revived projects:
Some links that are embedded in the device, as seen by Windows file manager

A busy, exciting day.

A burst of energy and enthusiasm for my family of mcus led me to a busy day. I was searching for some info on an STM8s-discovery board and came across the live video feed of Russian Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft ISS resupply launch, which was great to watch.

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