Special Tips

  1. Any special request sheets should be handed to the driver.
  2. On arrival at the depot, communication could be made to verify the NUMBER of clients to be serviced.
  3. Freebies may be useful for members who are not part of the driver crew.
  4. The containing boxes of goods that are to be divided should be kept for sample storage and cooking suggestions.


Haskell Computer language

Start of my story about Haskell, the computer language.

Alinta Energy Electricity prices

Train ride between Seaholme and Newport

Details from a short train ride on the newly opened section of track between Seaholme and Newport.

Shift Register Demo Board

This is a story about creating a demo board for working with shift registers.

  1. first create the circuit board
  2. demo on Arduino platform as a single, 8 bit shift register
  3. expand demo board to use multiple SR, iterative with software development
  4. when hardware is operational port the software to STM8 platform and Cypress board

Notes about creating the circuit board for the shift reg (demo)

Common Website links

Bezier curves

I have a fascination with Bezier curves and will be posting some of my experiences here. Along with Bezier curves I am on a self-placed steep learning curve imbibing in Haskell.

Aus UX

The User Experience for me in Melbourne and by implication Australia is really a low-quality survival situation. I am posting this as a placeholder, knowing that with my current Drupal settings, the articles are sorted by 'date created'.

picaxe programming

placeholder for more PICAXE programs
that is a place to collect existing code that was used for teaching and/or demonstration
that has been languishing on hard drives around my place.

html test


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