NDIS comments on ABC RN

Worth a listen - especially the part where Hollie speaks about unqualified people...
Heard on ABC RN during week of 8 Jun 2021

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Nerg Newsletter

Mike tips for reading and understanding the purpose of this website

Just a note to say that I collect here some handy links that have otherwise been seen to disappear or be hard to find over time. I use the tag feature a lot as a way to cross reference some entries.


NDIS and Job provider not helping

Melbourne NetWare Users Group newsletter

The front page of an old copy of Melbourne NetWare Users Group newsletter.

waiting for conversion

Near Field Coupling NFC

android tips

android tips
Activity, AppCompatActivity, FragmentActivity, and ActionBarActivity: When to Use Which?

ndis workers

powerpal screenshot

Screenshot of my usage

Here is a screenshot of my power usage as displayed by Powerpal


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