I aim to achieve something with a conversation, a.k.a. for me a discussion. In order to do this, I often take notes. This can put some people off but I value their time and input and want to be able to continue later without repeating material that has already been agreed.
Rather than sitting at opposite sides (180) of a table, I find that sitting across a corner (90) or on the same side (0) is a more friendly style, and we can both see, at the same time, the paper or screen that we are working with.

organ music concerts

uLCD - 220RD

Haskell on Raspberry Pi

here for ARMv7 stack
when installed :
stack new myproject
stack build

GHC is required and notes about this will be added soon.

Possible presentation about raspberry pi

Demo of remote configuration and building of GUI GTK applications on Raspberry Pi

Haskell graphics vectors program

Sample output for proof

Sample output for proof
Uses : import Graphics.Gloss

Raspberry Pi

MMAL generated image

MMAL image as generated by hello_mmal_encode on raspberry pi

SD card usage

Really want a list by letter here a.o.t. numerical

  1. A empty 8GB
  2. B
  3. C empty 4GB
  4. D empty 4GB
  5. E xxxxx 8GB
  6. F RPi 8GB
  7. G
  8. H

Creating Raspberry Pi images

A placeholder for my Raspberry Pi things.

image writer
NOOBS is an easy operating system installer which contains Raspbian and LibreELEC. It also provides a selection of alternative operating systems which are then downloaded from the internet and installed.

svg haskell graphics circles

output from Haskell code

Experimenting with Haskell and discovered someone else's program to generate svg output. The original interest was with the circles.

convert from svg to png here


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