oricom PRO910-1

Cube Freetronics

A subproject of regaining control of the Freetronics Cube is to treat the Cube as a Leonardo. The Cube could be programmed using ICSP techniques.

Jaycar 4x4x4 RGB cube Duinotech

Here is a link to a page on the Jaycar website that shows the RGB 4x4x4 cube. Dimensions are not clear or obvious and maybe could be inferred from the size of the LEDs :
Following the link to the Downloads will bring you to this pdf. The construction instructions in the pdf might give a good guide to assembly but they do not detail any form of testing.

All-in-one Universal remote

I needed to reprogram the All-in-one TV remote control for a TV. The remote control model number is URC7110 R00.

start here

and we knew the model number of our remote

and this is the list of magic numbers to enter

All good now my friend has a working spare remote for that TV.

grub startup on Linux computers

When starting the computer, hold down the SHIFT key and wait for the GRUB prompt.
I needed this as I had to edit a parameter that seemed to have been added in a recent upgrade.

press the E key and you are taken into the edit process for the config file.
Find the parts that you want to change, maybe just deleting an option, and then press F10 to continue the boot process.
The config file is not changed at that point - you have to do that separately - more later.

To make the change permanent we have to use something equivalent to:



These are notes from some of my experiences in Electronics, Computer Software Design, Network Engineering, Mathematics, Life and the universe.

Apple iPhone Do Not Disturb

notice Scheduled is ON

There is a setting, under Settings, on iPhone 5C, on iOS 10.3.3, that goes by the name "Do Not Disturb".{DND} Some useful options available are:

turning "Scheduled" ON
From 22:00
To 07:00
Allow calls from Favourites ON
Turning Repeated Calls ON
Silence ALWAYS

Cube 4 x 4 x 4

Here is a summary of the work I have done and appreciation that I have for the Freetronics Cube. The Cube provided a point of focus for many technical aspects of electronics and computing. By the way, I am letting Grammarly suggest changes to the spelling and grammar in this particular article.

testing tables

First term
First definition
Second term
Second definition


A busy, exciting day.

A burst of energy and enthusiasm for my family of mcus led me to a busy day. I was searching for some info on an STM8s-discovery board and came across the live video feed of Russian Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft ISS resupply launch, which was great to watch.


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