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mustang raaf point cook

mustang raaf point cook


Smartphone App is really useful and fun. For ages I used the workstation version. The Edge200 would not connect on one laptop but did connect well on another - expand? .

recent (November 2023) test ride
For my records : Garmin Edge 200
Software: 2.10


RAAF Point Cook

Jaycar Short Circuits

Jaycar Short Circuits

This pdf is the online version of a book of short circuits produced by Jaycar for beginners in electronics. I provide the link here as a quick pointer to samples of circuits.

Nokia C30



Japanese Language

Japanese Language
scroll down to 'Vowels' .
Word order is normally subject–object–verb with particles marking the grammatical function of words, and sentence structure is topic–comment.

needs to be revived

scroll to Font Table

In repo JavaLowLevel/locale exec


Recertification Cisco

bring and take => direction is the key

bring vs take 1
bring vs take 2
This might sound a bit pompous but there are ESL talkers to other ESL talkers who don't make sense and I have often seen mistakes and people getting upset when meanings are not clear.


recycling plastics

LDPE is an abbreviation of the plastic Low-Density Polyethylene. IT is considered a thermoplastic manufactured from the monomer ethylene. It is known for being a transparent kind of plastic, as well as being tough and flexible.

#define MAX_LINE 255 /* longest allowed line in dictionary */
#define HDPE 2 /*High Density*/
#define LDPE 4 /*Low Density*/


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