I have several years experience working in the fields of electronics and computer network engineering. I have experience as a Design Technology teacher in England where I specialised in Electronics and Food Technology. Earlier I held the position of CCNP at Toyota HQ UK. I have supported Linux, Windows to W7 and DOS operating systems. I also have practical experience in production lines, warehouse operations and logistics.

My current passion is to share the practical experiences gained with people empowering them to understand why and how certain actions can be done.

I studied Physics at university level and have had a passion for this subject, and many associated, since my teenage years.

Faith in Physics

[Some of the material found here is to remind me and/or provide resources when I am in the classroom.]

Often we find a law or a technique and convince ourselves that it works only to forget to apply it. Physics works 24/7, we might forget, but if we have faith that it will work we can get Physics to [do] work for us.

From my background in electronics and computer networks I know that certain things are true. As a computer programmer I learned to break a problem into sections.